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Covid19 – Update Feb 2021

We continue to install under Government guidelines. We work using social distancing where possible. Under normal conditions we do not need to breech your 2m safety zone.

Call us for further details and an update as to the current working practices. We are hopeful the lockdown restrictions will be lifted soon and we are taking bookings for installs.

New Fitted Wardrobe Installers near me?

Are you looking for a quality Bedroom Designer? Or Bedroom Fitter? Or a Local Bedroom Showroom?

DP Kitchens & Wardrobes have been designing and fitting high quality Wardrobes to a wide range of clients in  your area for over 30 years. Our team of highly experienced fitters love nothing more than helping our customers achieve the bedroom they have always dreamed of. From small Wardrobes to very large, from the utilisation of space to the maximisation of comfort, our designers and fitters are second to none in your area in terms of getting you exactly what you need from your bedroom. If you have to spend more time at home, you might as well be comfortable right?

Contemporary Wardrobes by DP K&B

Contemporary Wardrobes by DP KB

Nothing says style, modern and exciting quite like the perfect contemporary bedroom. Whether you’re a young professional wishing for somewhere elegant and attractive to relax at the end of the day, or a family who just enjoy living in stunning surroundings, our large selection of contemporary bedroom designs are bound to suit your specifications and needs perfectly.

Traditional Wardrobes By DP K&B

DP Kitchens and Wardrobes Ltd. combine modern convenience with a very classic style to provide a timeless design to suit all your needs. Our bespoke design service will provide you with a fitted kitchen to meet all of your requirements

We offer a wide range of finishes: Vinyl, Veneered, Solid timber, Painted, Hand made.

Traditional Wardrobes by DP KB

We offer FREE Kitchen Design services.

Wardrobes (and Bedrooms) Installed in Your Area By DP K&B

Are you looking for a Bedroom Designer? Or Bedroom Fitter? Or Bedroom Showroom?

As well as designing great quality Wardrobes, our friendly and approachable team in your area is also able to manufacture and install our products, too. Involving you in every step of the process, we strive to deliver the bedroom you dream of, down to every detail and specification. Whether you want a modern look, or if you prefer the traditional and cosy appearance, our years of experience of delivering high quality Wardrobes in your area means we are bound to be well equipped to give you just what you want.

Contemporary Wardrobes By DP K&B

Bedroom GOSCOTE Melbourne PippyOak

Our fresh modern bedroom furniture combined with our bespoke design service will provide you with an inspirational room of your dreams, and could add considerable value to your property. Reward yourself and live in the comfort you deserve.

We provide a wide range of high quality finishes: MFC, Vinyl, High gloss, Acrylic gloss, Veneer, Solid timber, Sliding doors

Fitted Wardrobes By DP K&B

DP Kitchens and Wardrobes Oldham

Our fresh modern bedroom furniture combined with our bespoke sliding wardrobes can help you make best use of the space at your disposal. We create more than just Wardrobes, we enhance your relaxing space.

We provide a wide range of high quality finishes: Mirrored, Glass, MFC, High gloss, Acrylic gloss, Plain.

Traditional Wardrobes By DP K&B

An investment in traditional, timeless fitted bedroom furniture is one you won’t regret. Beautiful classic forms combined with a functional design to create a beautiful bedroom to inspire. Be the envy of all your friends!

We have a wide range of quality finishes: Vinyl, Veneer, Solid timber, Painted, Bespoke

dp kitchens and bedrooms oldham 04

We offer FREE Bedroom Design services.

Beautiful Kitchens & Wardrobes

To get your beautiful bedroom, get in touch with us today. Our friendly team of experts cannot wait to sit and discuss your ideas with you.